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GearAndGuitars 9th January 2014 07:36 PM
2013 - The year the conversation changed | The Illusion of More

My observation is that 2013 was the year the conversation really started to broaden and the populist facade of the internet industry started to crack.

2013 also saw more well-known creators speak out about rights and royalties. David Byrne and Thom Yorke, raised issues regarding the royalties paid to artists by streaming services like Spotify, and while other musicians have disagreed with them, the important thing is that creators are speaking out, not just the technologists. In June, the members of Pink Floyd warned fellow musicians not to trust Pandora’s efforts to push legislation that would lower royalties for streaming, and in November, Pandora abandoned its legislative efforts. At the same time, other creative workers wrote a variety of editorials, including this very popular one by author/cartoonist Tim Kreider examining how the digital age has normalized an expectation in the market that creative people should want to work for free.

It’s become common practice even in B2B negotiations to suggest to a creative contributor that he might work for “exposure” rather than compensation, and we can hear the echoes of arguments for piracy (illegal file sharing) in this logic. Creative workers are responding with sharp, witty blogs and OpEds, and the message is getting through that this work-for-free attitude, left unchecked, can apply to anyone, not just artists. Moreover, with every reaction against new privacy and data-use policies by social media companies, everyday users are beginning to see the relationship between misappropriation of a professional’s work and misappropriation of their family snapshots.

Whitecat 9th January 2014 02:24 PM
Record deals changing for digital age

Over the past 20 years the music industry has had to deal with plummeting CD sales, online piracy and listening via the internet - now it is being polarized by streaming services.

Whitecat 9th January 2014 02:24 PM
Business group calls on the Government to help British music stars crack America - Mi

The Confederation of British Industry thinks Government assistance could help top stars enjoy even more success on the other side of the Atlantic

newm 9th January 2014 12:51 PM
Google beat Apple to the car
Whitecat 8th January 2014 12:29 PM
Vinyl Record Sales Increased 32% in 2013 [CHART]

While CD sales declined 14.5% last year, vinyl sales grew 32% from 4.5 million units sold in 2012 to 6 million sold in 2013.

GearAndGuitars 7th January 2014 10:55 PM
Meet the New Boss: YouTube’s Monopoly on Video | MUSIC • TECHNOLOGY • POLIC

Take a look at this graph and ask yourself how did this come to pass?* Then ask yourself what would it take for a television network to get to the same position without manipulating the market and search fixing?

GearAndGuitars 6th January 2014 05:03 PM
Spotify, YouTube, Streaming Services Are Killing Digital Downloads |

Since the iTunes Store launched in 2003, digital music sales have been viewed as the music industry’s saving grace in the face of declining physical album sales and rampant online piracy.

“What we were thinking about was having full track download sales somehow replace the lost revenues from the rapid decline of physical [sales],” says Larry Miller, a music business professor at New York University’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development. “What wasn’t so widely anticipated five or six years ago was that full-track download sales would begin to decline as rapidly as they have this year, especially given how nascent the streaming services still are.”

GearAndGuitars 6th January 2014 04:46 PM
Hollywood's Villain: Kim Dotcom - 60 Minutes : CBS News

By selling advertisements and premium subscriptions, Megaupload brought in an estimated $175 million. It became one of the most frequented sites on the Internet. How did it get so popular and profitable? According to federal authorities, by also allowing users to illegally share the hottest new movies, or hit songs, or TV programs, including some CBS shows.

Shawn Henry: Megaupload knowingly created and facilitated the distribution of stolen property.

Shawn Henry is former executive assistant director of the FBI. He was responsible for the Megaupload investigation.

Shawn Henry: No different than if somebody has a warehouse where stolen property is being dropped off. If you created the environment that facilitated it, and you encouraged it, and you incentivized people by paying them to drop off stolen property, I think that you are complicit.

In its indictment, the Justice Department calls Megaupload a “Mega Conspiracy”… a “worldwide criminal organization whose members engaged in criminal copyright infringement and money laundering on a massive scale...”

GearAndGuitars 6th January 2014 02:42 AM
No, Streaming is not more profitable than Transactional Sales… Not Today, Maybe Not Ever... | Trichordist

There’s a recent report from the Wall Street Journal that is being grossly misinterpreted from this line,

“Data reviewed by The Wall Street Journal showed that one major record company makes more per year, on average, from paying customers of streaming services like Spotify or Rdio than it does from the average customer who buys downloads, CDs or both.”

What that sentence says is that a premium paid subscriber spends approximately $120 per year on music purchasing, whereas an average music consumer spends less in total over the course of a year. This does not take into account the non-average music consumer who spends much more than $120 a year, nor does it take into account that the number of “average music consumers” is hundreds if not thousands of times larger than the number of premium paid subscribers.

Whitecat 4th January 2014 02:55 PM
Digital Music Sales Decrease For First Time in 2013 | Billboard

For the first time since the iTunes store opened its doors, the U.S. music industry finished the year with a decrease in digital music sales. Overall for the full year 2013, digital track sales fell 5.7% while digital album sales were down 0.1%, according to Nielsen SoundScan. While the digital track sales decline had been expected due to weaker sales in the first three quarters, the digital album downturn comes as more of a surprise as the album bundle started out the year with a strong first quarter.

GearAndGuitars 4th January 2014 12:39 AM
Sympathy for RapGenius | The Trichordist

So do we really want a monopolistic über politically connected company like Google to be this powerful? To have life or death power over any and all websites? No trial, no jury, no appeals process, no nothing.

Face it people the web is ruled by an autocratic, unelected and unaccountable search engine.

What happens to freedom of expression when you have a search engine that is this powerful?

Whitecat 2nd January 2014 05:09 PM
UK retailers blame 'weak' release schedule for lack of sales in 2013 | News | NME.COM

ERA general manager says lack of big releases was to blame for decline in album sales

GearAndGuitars 1st January 2014 07:58 AM
Top 20 Music Moments of 2013 | Billboard

It was a year of blockbuster comebacks, surprise albums, game-changing moves

GearAndGuitars 1st January 2014 07:56 AM
Gone But Not Forgotten: Music Stars We Lost In 2013 | Billboard

These huge talents in the world of music may have passed away this year, but they'll always be remembered. As we look ahead to 2014, help us take a look back at what we've lost.

nuthinupmysleeve 31st December 2013 08:24 PM
What Could Have Entered the Public Domain on January 1, 2014?

Current US law extends copyright for 70 years after the date of the author’s death, and corporate “works-for-hire” are copyrighted for 95 years after publication. But prior to the 1976 Copyright Act (which became effective in 1978), the maximum copyright term was 56 years – an initial term of 28 years, renewable for another 28 years. Under those laws, works published in 1957 would enter the public domain on January 1, 2014, where they would be “free as the air to common use.” (Mouse over any of the links below to see gorgeous cover art from 1957.) Under current copyright law, we’ll have to wait until 2053.1 And no published works will enter our public domain until 2019. The laws in Canada and the EU are different – thousands of works are entering their public domains on January 1.

Curious George Gets a Term Extension

What books and plays would be entering the public domain if we had the pre-1978 copyright laws? You might recognize some of the titles below.

Samuel Beckett, Endgame (“Fin de partie”, the original French version)
Jack Kerouac, On the Road (completed 1951, published 1957)
Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged
Margret Rey and H.A. Rey, Curious George Gets a Medal
Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel), How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Cat in the Hat
Eliot Ness and Oscar Fraley, The Untouchables
Northrop Frye, Anatomy of Criticism: Four Essays
Walter Lord, Day of Infamy
Studs Terkel, Giants of Jazz
Corbett H. Thigpen and Hervey M. Cleckley, The Three Faces of Eve
Ian Fleming, From Russia, with Love
Ann Weldy (as Ann Bannon), Odd Girl Out
A.E. Van Vogt, Empire of the Atom
GearAndGuitars 31st December 2013 12:27 AM
Why the Iron Maiden ‘Pirates’ Error is Such a Disappointment | Torrent Freak

But sadly the story isn’t true and CiteWorld, the publishers of the original article, have printed a full apology and heavily edited their report to reflect the much less exciting reality.

How disappointing is that? That ray of light in a sea of bad news was not only welcome, but badly needed. Now it’s gone and we’re left with that sinking feeling because let’s face it, we’ve had a pretty depressing year.

GearAndGuitars 30th December 2013 04:07 PM
Google Just Made Rap Genius Disappear | Slate

Head over to and try to search for Rap Genius. Instead of the search engine doing what you'd expect and delivering as a high result, you get all kinds of articles about Rap Genius and even stuff like the Rap Genius Twitter page. In particular you'll find a lot of articles about how Google has deliberately killed Rap Genius' Google rank in retaliation for Rap Genius trying to game the system.

GearAndGuitars 30th December 2013 07:18 AM
If You Bought Every Torrented Copy of 'Beyoncé' It Would Cost $3.8M... | DMN

Beyoncé was illegally downloaded 240,000 times during release week.

If these 240,000 downloads were purchased they would bring in about $3.8 million.

GearAndGuitars 30th December 2013 07:17 AM
Rap Genius Traffic Tanked After Google Smacked It Down for Spamming

Quantcast shows that the number of unique visitors to Rap Genius has dropped 60 percent since Google punished the startup for its questionable SEO scheme. Last year, unique visitors to Rap Genius only dropped about 15 percent from Christmas Eve to Christmas. Rap Genius has not responded to request for comment from Valleywag sent yesterday and today.

GearAndGuitars 28th December 2013 05:44 AM
How A Fabricated Story About Iron Maiden’s Love Of Music Pirates Became Internet Truth | Techcrunch

Wouldn’t it be awesome if heavy metal icons Iron Maiden leveraged data about which regions of the world pirated their music to plan a multi-million dollar global concert tour? Yeah, it’d be awesome, if it were true.

So awesome to my anarchistic ears that I was halfway through reblogging the reblog of a Rolling Stone story before I learned that I couldn’t actually verify any of the facts...

GearAndGuitars 26th December 2013 10:51 PM
Is Rap Genius ****ed?

We effed up, lyrics annotation supersite Rap Genius admitted this week after its SEO cheating was revealed. They sure did. And there's good reason to believe this isn't just a gaffe for the cartoonish startup posse: a Google eff up could haunt them forever--but no one search should have all that power.

"Rap Genius will never be safe on the internet again, because as far as they're concerned, Google is the internet. The search engine functions like public infrastructure, a road that takes anyone who wants to look up lyrics to the internet lyrics store, but it thinks like any Walmart or Exxon. It has its own secret rules, its own private penalties, and its own willingness to harm any company that dares make it look stupid."

GearAndGuitars 25th December 2013 12:36 AM
The case against Kim Dotcom, finally revealed | Ars Technica

Feds lay it all out: Megaupload made $150+ million, and Dotcom must stand trial.

The government's 191-page "Summary of Evidence" also details the stunning sums that Dotcom and his colleagues made running their site. Dotcom, who owned 68 percent of Megaupload and all of sister site Megavideo, made more than $42 million in calendar year 2010. CTO Mathias Ortmann, who owned 25 percent share of Megaupload, made more than $9 million that same year; designer Julius Bencko (2.5 percent) made more than $1 million, and programmer Bram Van Der Kolk (also 2.5 percent) made more than $2 million. Chief Marketing Officer Finn Batato, who was not a shareholder, made $400,000. And no perk was too excessive: the company spent $616,000 renting Mediterranean yachts.

GearAndGuitars 23rd December 2013 02:57 AM
The Recording Academy® To Host Register Of Copyrights For Creator Roundtables - Yaho

From Yahoo Finance: SANTA MONICA, Calif., Dec. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --*The Recording Academy® has announced a new initiative to facilitate leadership roundtables between music creators and Maria Pallante, the Register of Copyrights and Director of the U.S. Copyright Office. The initiative is a response to Pallante's stated goal of hearing from stakeholders on all sides of the copyright discussion. The Academy initiative, which will begin in New York on Jan. 14, 2014, and continue to other Academy Chapters whenever the Register or her senior team are in town, will feature roundtables with leading performers, songwriters and studio professionals.* Appointed to lead the Copyright Office in 2011, Pallante serves as a key advisor to Congress during its review of copyright law.

GearAndGuitars 22nd December 2013 04:13 PM
David Byrne: “Do you really think people are going to keep putting time and effort into this, if no one is making any money?”

The musical genius shares his songwriting secrets, opens up his finances and ponders the future of art and the Web

Lots of us believe that musicians, along with other artists, are struck by inspiration and have this emotion which they must express and share. But you argue in your book that it is actually the opposite — that the idea of the songwriter pouring heart, soul and autobiography into his or her music is wrong-headed. “The accepted narrative,” you write, “that the rock and roll singer is driven by desire and demons, and out bursts this amazing, perfectly shaped song that had to be three minutes and 12 seconds. This is the romantic notion of how creative work comes to be, but I think the path of creation is almost 180 degrees from this model.”

GearAndGuitars 22nd December 2013 05:59 AM
Pandora's Royalty Reduction Plan Fails, Artist Advocates Rejoice | SPIN | Newswire

Rihanna and Brian Wilson were among those opposing a bill that would've cut Internet pay-rates

There's no end in sight to the online music streaming debate, but musician groups can claim victory in one of the more contentious arguments — at least for now. Pandora is abandoning its push for a bill that would have cut the music royalties paid by Internet radio services.

GearAndGuitars 22nd December 2013 05:55 AM
Pandora loses BMI court battle over music licensing | Circa News

Pandora has spent more than a year in legal battles with music publishers over exactly what songs the online radio service has access to.

A federal judge in New York has ruled that Broadcast Music Inc., a performance rights organization, may allow its members to prevent their music from being licensed to Pandora. The Dec. 18 decision means that Pandora may soon lose access to music from publishers like Universal and BMG.

GearAndGuitars 20th December 2013 12:30 AM
Goldie Blox - SPIN's 2013 Hall of Shame | SPIN | Discover | SPIN Lists

Though the rap legends had suggested it was copyright infringement, in a tender letter to the company they mentioned that the late Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys had a "no advertising" clause in his will. Whether Goldie Blox made a parody or not, really shouldn't matter. Contriving a viral moment (their CEO has made other controversy-baiting spoofs before) with a riff on a song from a man whose will explicitly asked that his music not be used in commercials is just plain gross.

GearAndGuitars 19th December 2013 06:12 AM
Pussy Riot Members Set for Release as Early as Thursday - The Hollywood Reporter

MOSCOW – Jailed Pussy Riot members Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina are expected to be released as early as Thursday under an amnesty marking the 20th anniversary of Russia's post-Soviet Constitution, which the Russian parliament passed Wednesday.

GearAndGuitars 19th December 2013 06:05 AM
Graham Henderson: “Of what is and is not broken…”

The Canadian Independent Music Association just completed a study that pegs the average musician’s income in Canada at $7,228. This echoes an earlier study undertaken by Professor Doug Hyatt of Rotman which put the number at $16,491. Income at these absurdly low levels render it virtually impossible to pursue music as a profession. It starts to look and feel more like a hobby. And let me tell you that this is a far cry from the conditions that could be obtained prior to 1999.

The “middle class” for want of a better term is in a state of what appears to be terminal decline. This is a phenomena that has been remarked on and discussed in many fora but rarely as it applies to the creative class. We now live in a world where a very few musicians have become fabulously wealthy, leaving almost everyone else with very little on the table. Was not digital technology supposed to have done EXACTLY to opposite? Successful bands today have become more brand than band, diversifying into luxury goods, film, television and beyond. This is in strident contrast to musicians of the past who would have been horrified beyond imagining to have their art, their political speech, associated with mere products. I knew artists who turned down absolutely fabulous sums rather than shill for an advertisement.

GearAndGuitars 19th December 2013 05:56 AM
Art and Music Are Professions Worth Fighting for | Blake Morgan

In music specifically, 2013 has been a year unlike any other in recent memory. It's been a year that has seen musicians stand up and speak out on behalf of their profession like never before. And the results have been historic. Internet radio giant Pandora has announced it's abandoning its pursuit of legislation that would lower artists' royalties. Congress is now taking another look at copyright reform. Spotify has responded to broad criticism and made their operations more transparent. And perhaps most significant, music lovers are now standing with music makers to help push these issues forward.

For the first time in a long time, there's a lot to be hopeful about if you're a musician. There are tremendous fights ahead, against powerful forces, on many fronts. But we have something those forces don't have. We have something worth fighting for.

GearAndGuitars 18th December 2013 09:25 PM
Bills to Eliminate Pirate Sites like The Pirate Bay get Unanimous Approval - IBT

AGCOM, an independent Electronic Communications Authority of Italy, devised various measures to bring down the pirate websites and their owners. The measures put forward have been unanimously approved. The new system that ensures the fast removal of copyrighted content by hosts and blocking of various file-sharing websites will be implemented on March 31, 2014.

Whitecat 17th December 2013 11:17 AM
As Music Downloads Decline, Expect More Anti-Spotify Anxiety

We're officially buying and downloading less digital music year by year.

Whitecat 16th December 2013 10:57 AM
Music Industry Worth £3.5bn To British Economy

A new report reveals Britain's music industry is worth billions of pounds, helped by home-grown talent like Emeli Sande and Adele.

Whitecat 16th December 2013 10:11 AM
BBC spent £360,000 on music fee row

The BBC spent more than £360,000 taking Welsh language composers and publishers to a copyright tribunal to settle a royalty payments row, it is revealed.

GearAndGuitars 16th December 2013 05:16 AM
Google Slammed by Attorney General for “Inaction” on Piracy | Variety

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood is pressing Google to take greater measures to tackle online piracy and other illegal Web activity, saying that the company’s “inaction” is “not merely a failure to do the right thing” but “raises serious questions as to whether Google is engaged in unlawful conduct itself.”

Hood accused Google of being “unwilling to take basic actions to make the Internet safe from unlawful and predatory conduct, and it has refused to modify its own behavior that facilitates and profits from unlawful conduct.” His letter cites not just piracy of movies, TV shows and music but the sale of counterfeit pharmaceuticals and sex trafficking.

He also pointed out several instances in which Google has screened out criminal content, like child pornography. ****-related content, he noted, was removed from search results in Germany, and spam and malware are blocked because they can be damaging to users.

“Google can and does take action against unlawful or offensive conduct — when Google determines it is in its business interests to do so,” Hood wrote.

GearAndGuitars 14th December 2013 05:50 AM
The Best Of The Internet's Reaction To Beyonce's New Album

Beyonc? basically destroyed the entire internet. Shut it down...

GearAndGuitars 13th December 2013 10:10 PM
“Walking Dead” Producer Hurd Speaks Out on Piracy | Creative America Blog

"There’s a mistaken belief by many of my peers that piracy is somehow good, that viewers will develop a habit to pay for it,” Hurd told Variety’s Ted Johnson in a Q&A at the event. “I’m not sure they really understand other than anecdotal evidence that their ratings go up that the people who pirate are not then going to choose legal downloads or legal viewing in the future.

Part of the problem, she said, lies in the enablement of these illegal sites. Google can block child porn and malware, but let’s illegal streaming sites show up all the time. And Fortune 500 companies aren’t doing their part, by continuing to allow their advertising to appear on those sites, she said."

GearAndGuitars 12th December 2013 06:42 PM
Artists help homeless on ‘Compassion Through Action’ - American Live Wire

Musicians help the homeless

Artists have united to help the homeless with a new digital-only charity compilation album titled Compassion Through Action. Released this week on, the ten-track collection is the first of a two-volume set. The project is essentially a group of select songs “curated for the purpose of assisting the work of Compassion Through Action, a Los Angeles based homeless aid organization.”

The digital release was produced by L.A. native singer-songwriter Manda Mosher. Mosher, one of the organizers behind the “Sandy Hook: A Benefit Concert”, was been moved into action once more.

Compassion Through Action: A Benefit Album Vol. 1

1. Lucinda Williams - Born To Be Loved 04:37

2. Chris Laterzo - False Kings Reign 04:02

3. Pete Droge - First Kiss 03:27

4. Ted Russell Kamp - Right Down To The Wire 04:03

5. Amelia White (feat. A.J. Croce & The McCrary Sisters) - Mercy 03:58

6. Shane Alexander - Skyway Drive-In 03:17

7. Manda Mosher (feat. Rami Jaffee) - One Of These Days 03:46

8. John Ramey & Kirsten Proffit - Get It Right Tonight 03:47

9. Zach Brooke - Hallelujah 04:04

10. D Henry Fenton - Transcending 02:03

GearAndGuitars 12th December 2013 06:39 PM
Beastie Boys Sue GoldieBlox For Acting With "Oppression, Fraud, And Malice": Gothamist

The lawsuit (below) alleges that GoldieBlox "has acted intentionally and despicably with oppression, fraud, and malice toward the Beastie Boys" and that the "Girls" ad "directly coincided with and directly resulted in a massive increase in the sales of GoldieBlox products." Products which, by some accounts, are pretty crappy.

The lawsuit argues that the "Beastie Boys and the group's members have suffered injury to their business, goodwill, and property, in an amount to be determined at trial, and are entitled to recover from GoldieBlox the gains, profits, and advantages that GoldieBlox has obtained as a result of the wrongful conduct alleged herein." In other words, **** you, my man.

GearAndGuitars 11th December 2013 07:55 PM
GoldieBlox backs off the Beasties — badly -

The toy company calls for a truce, but still gets a lot wrong

Maybe it doesn’t matter to GoldieBlox, which thanks to all the attention currently has one of the top-selling toys on Amazon. But you don’t create positive change in the world by cavalierly stepping all over the hard work of others.

Most gallingly of all, after lawyering up all over the band just two days ago, GoldieBlox ends its letter with a “Let’s be friends” message. What, no self-absolving smiley thrown in for good measure? If I were the Beastie Boys, I’d tell you to go ahead and hold your breath on that one, GoldieBlox. And I’d say that if you really want to “inspire the next generation” and “be good role models,” you would own up to your mistakes and apologize for them.

GearAndGuitars 11th December 2013 05:00 PM
Bloomberg ALMOST get’s it right about Spotify and Streaming… ALMOST…

Bloomberg almost gets it right. While Megan McArdle correctly identifies the problem with Spotify in the context of current market economics she fails to recognize the source of the downward pressure on online music distribution, Ad Funded Piracy.

Lou Reed and Dead Kennedys Go Public Against Ad Funded Piracy with Facebook Posts

We have a suggestion for any streaming music company executives who should happen across this post – if you really want to help musicians, why not start educating the media and musicians about the cause and source of why streaming economics are really so bad, Ad Funded Piracy.

Let’s join forces and aggregate the power of the community to restore a fair, ethical and balanced marketplace to music so that artists, songwriters and performers can have sustainable careers, and you too.

GearAndGuitars 11th December 2013 02:55 AM
Copyright suddenly becomes important when there’s something at stake | Vox Indie

For those who denigrate copyright enforcement as antiquated and unworkable, it’s worth looking at the issue from the creator’s (or licensee’s) perspective. When that happens attitudes can shift quickly–and not just for companies.

When Instagram attempted to change its terms of service to “sell users’ photos without payment or notification,” its users were outraged and and posted comments like:

“You DO NOT have permission to use my stuff just because it’s hosted on your servers,”
“My photos will not sell without my knowledge and compensation. I spend time on my pictures.”

Grahamdwc 10th December 2013 04:48 PM
Beats Electronics backing Muscle Shoals upgrades - The Washington Post

Jimmy Iovine and Luke Wood were so moved by the “Muscle Shoals” documentary, they’re putting up money to make sure the unique spirit of the Alabama music haven lives on.

GearAndGuitars 9th December 2013 05:06 PM
French court orders search firms to block pirate sites | BBC

A court in France has ordered Google, Microsoft and Yahoo to block 16 video-streaming sites from their search results.

The High Court in Paris ruled the websites were dedicated to the "distribution of works without consent of their creators".

"Search engines are incredibly skilful, yet they are still leading consumers to illegal money-making sites even when the searcher is seeking legal content online," said Chris Marcich, president of MPA in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

"The present situation is confusing for consumers, damaging the legal download market and legitimising copyright theft. The decision in France clearly is a step in this direction."

Several internet service providers were also ordered to block the sites.

Whitecat 9th December 2013 03:26 PM
Police crackdown on pirate site ads

City of London Police crack down on pirate sites and ask companies to stop advertising on them.

Whitecat 9th December 2013 01:54 PM
Music Business Association Launches Music Tech Startup Network - hypebot

The trade group formerly known as NARM, is launching resources and a network to help music tech startups. It is the first product that the Music Business Association (Music Biz) has introduced since its rebranding and reorganization in early October. The Music Startup Network will connect entrepreneurs looking for licensing, marketing, or mentoring relationships for their web, mobile, tablet, or enterprise apps with content players from record labels, publishers, performing rights organizations, artist managers, and other rights-holders. It will also gives content companies an easy way tod filter the large number of potential partners to find the best match. Entrepreneurs...

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