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2nd March 2012
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Originally Posted by robertshaw View Post
But my favorite bands are Black Number Nine and Cosmic Rescue Plan.......
who recently joined forces by the way. So I hear through the grapevine
That would be awesome!!

Chris did an amazing job on the CRP release I have [that still gets played in the car]... and as you probably know - BNN was done amazingly "old school"... as in 3 mics on drums, zero digital reverb anywhere [all of the reverbs and delays were done acoustically - like with tape machines playing back through a speaker in a warehouse]... there was a mono plate and a stereo plate and two Cooper Time Cubes used in mixing... no mix automation - but a SHITLOAD of tape cutting happened after every mix [there is one song that might be like 7 or 8 different mixes cut together].

On BNN's first album, the only thing that met the digital domain at all was "Freighttrain of Pain" which was a drum loop through an Eventide H-3000 running through the "talking bums" program [they were late, and I was bored].

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