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19th December 2011
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sE x1 vs Rode NT1a

For all of those who are looking to buy a mic that is of good quality but will not cost an arm, there are really only two mics to choose from.

The sE X1, or the Rode NT1a

Both mics are about the same price (£150), and are both brilliant mics. But the big question is...

Which one is better?

Lets start by comparing what comes in the box.

The Rode NT1a comes with a 10ft XLR lead, a shock mount with removable pop shield, a bag for the microphone and of course the microphone.

The sE X1 comes with a reflection filter, a clip and the microphone, and in some cases a free pop shield.

So they both come with almost identical extras bar one or two, but with the sE X1 the extras are more practical. From the makers of reflection filters it would only make sense for them to pair the mic with one! But without the shock mount its not a complete set (and boy are those mounts expensive!)

In the end I bought a shock mount that fit, not one made by sE because after buying the mic, I had almost no money left being a student and all.....

I have also used both mics to record vocals on a piece of coursework during my A levels and found the sE X1 to have a much nicer sound overall, the NT1a had far too much high end and made any vocal too sibilant.

Also here is another comparison of the sE X1 with a larger group of mics

Rode NT1-A, sE X1 Mic, Neumann TLM 102, AKG Perception P220 Blind Test

Enjoy and I hope this review has helped!