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2nd March 2009
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Lightbulb Four diffusors on the ceiling

Originally Posted by jhbrandt View Post
"does this compromise the diffusor design less than removing all dividers?"

Not really, IMHO, divider-less diffusors are not as efficient as divided ones. I have actually had more luck with the 2D QRDs. The hemi-disc or omnifusors are ideal for ceilings.. other than that.. I have always used the 2D.
Hi John, I'm not sure if I get you right so I've uploaded another rendering of the diffusors I plan to build. They're going to the ceiling (probably 4 pieces), they're 2D, they're PRDs (Primitive Root Diffusors), and as I said I may drop the dividers in one dimension... (to drop or not to drop?)
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